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  • 1.  ZOSCONNECT in sysview

    Posted 17 days ago
    Hello, customer is asking about running ZOSCONNECT  in sysview.

    I have made all needed customiuation, but now I'm trying to solve with this problem:

    This MONX(see bellow) is something to be configured in sysview?
    I haven't found anything about in manual.

    Please, could you guys give me some idea?

    SYSVIEW 16.0 IPO1 --- JVMLIST, Java Virtual Machine List -- 2021/11/05 13:56:03

    Command ====>                                                 Scroll *===> PAGE

    ------------------------------------------------ Lvl 3 Row 1-34/41 Col 1-79/317

    Jobname S2536     ASID 01C3  Jobid TSU12518  PID *         Mode SYSTEM        

    JVM discovery is ACTIVE                                                       


        Cmd      Jobname  ASID    ASIType          AM   Version    Mon     Application             

    ________ BBGZSRVP 0022 ZOSCONNECT   64 1.8.0_191   MONX GSV_BBGZSRVP_030000E7   

    ________ BBGZSRVT 00EB ZOSCONNECT   64 1.8.0_191  MONX GSV_BBGZSRVT_01000845   




    ! MON              ! Indicates whether the JVM has been configured    !

    !                  ! with a SYSVIEW data collector agent.             !

    !                  ! Valid values are:                                !

    !                  !                                                  !

    !                  !     MON    The JVM has been configured with a    !

    !                  !            SYSVIEW data collector, and the       !

    !                  !            subsystem ID and the architecture     !

    !                  !            level for the data collector agent    !

    !                  !            matches the CA SYSVIEW session.       !

    !                  !                                                  !

    !                  !     MONX   The JVM has been configured with a    !

    !                  !            SYSVIEW data collector, but           !

    !                  !            either the subsystem ID or the        !

    !                  !            architecture level for the data       !

    !                  !            data collector agent does not match   !

    !                  !            the CA SYSVIEW session.               !

    !                  !                                                  !

    !                  !     blank  The JVM has not been configured with  !

    !                  !            a SYSVIEW data collector agent.       !

    !                  !                                                  !

    !                  ! The JVMDMON display shows a list of all active   !

    !                  ! JVM data collector agents.                       !


  • 2.  RE: ZOSCONNECT in sysview

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 17 days ago
    Hello Jan,

    2 things immediately come to mind for you to check:

    1. Did you specify the correct SYSVIEW SSID on the -agentpath parameter? The default SSID for SYSVIEW is "GSVX". If you run something different that the default SYSVIEW SSID of GSVX, you will need to adjust your -agentpath parm. More information can be found here:

      Options for the JVM Data Collector Agent

    2. Ensure the maintenance of the SYSVIEW started tasks and the JVM are in sync. If you applied SYSVIEW maintenance recently, it may have caused the agent to be out of sync with the SYSVIEW started tasks. We provide holddata in fixes that affect the agent to take **** actions in these cases. Basically, you need to refresh the agent runtime from the SMPE managed libraries. 
    Please check on these items. I hope this resolves your problem.

    Jason Brosius
    Technical Team Lead Manager
    Broadcom Software

  • 3.  RE: ZOSCONNECT in sysview

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 17 days ago
    Hi Jan,

    When you specified the path to the SYSVIEW JVM agent in the z/OS Connect server, you had to add a -agentpath JVM option by following one of the steps found here. There are other JVM options that you can optionally pass on the same JVM option command string that our SYSVIEW JVM agent will accept.

    One of these options allows you to specify the SSID of the SYSVIEW instance that should be monitoring the JVM where the -agentpath option was added. By default, if the ssid option is not passed, the SYSVIEW JVM agent will assume that it should communicate with the SYSVIEW instance with the SYSVIEW SSID of GSVX. You can read more and see examples of how to pass the ssid JVM option. It's important to note that after you update the JVM options string for the SYSVIEW JVM agent, you need to restart the z/OS Connect server for the options to take effect.

    By seeing MONX on JVMLIST, it most likely means that the SYSVIEW instance you are viewing JVMLIST on has a different SSID than was specified by the SYSVIEW JVM agent when it was configured in the z/OS Connect server. You can view the SSID for a given SYSVIEW instance by using the STATUS command in SYSVIEW.

    The other possibility, as indicated by the help you pasted in your question, is that there are mismatch architecture levels between the SYSVIEW JVM agent and the SYSVIEW instance. If you update the JVM options string with the ssid option and still see MONX, please open a support case and we can discuss the problem further there.

    Sean McShane

    Software Engineer
    Broadcom Software

  • 4.  RE: ZOSCONNECT in sysview

    Posted 14 days ago
    Thank you very much for your help.