• 1.  Does anyone run DQBATCH DEFERRED queries from CICS?

    Posted 06-06-2018 01:26 PM

    Our shop does not appear to have been using DEFERRED queries in the past but I have a user that is wanting to.  This has led me to doing a bit of reading and testing on the subject.  From my reading in the manuals I get mixed impressions as to where the DEFERRED query actually runs. There are places where it implies that the held query that is queued up in the DQF is released by a DQBATCH DEFER and runs as a separate job however, there are other places where the doc implies that the released query will run as part of the DQBATCH DEFER job.


    All of my tests to date of submitting the deferred query from the SUBMIT command or from the DQENO panel (a JCL member name or using $$DQJCL) the output comes out as a separate job each time once it is released via the DQBATCH DEFER.  However, yesterday I accidentally ran the DQBATCH DEFER against my production environment and behold two queued up queries executed as part of the DQBATCH DEFER.


    Does anyone know how to recreate that condition? 



    Bill M

  • 2.  Re: Does anyone run DQBATCH DEFERRED queries from CICS?

    Posted 06-13-2018 04:29 PM


    I have used the DEFER at another site, years ago. we had a nightly job that was run every hour after 6PM until midnight, each job ran what queries were past their time.  Our Opers staff did not like that because the DEFER job could run one or more queries and they could not tell when the job would end.  the DQRY users knew when certain processes ran, so that they could get better query results after certain times of the night.  hope this helps you.