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Twitter and CADRE Technical Conference

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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 01-18-2015 03:57 PM

    We are all so excited that the CADRE Technical Conference starts Tuesday morning in Plano!  We'd like to invite each attendee who uses Twitter to post the following prior to their arrival Tuesday:


             I’ll be at the #CADRE15 Conf with @CAInc on 1/20 in Plano.  Looking forward to sharing all the latest on #CADatacom with attendees!


    (You can just cut and paste that content into Twitter for your post.)  We are trying to generate some social media buzz about the conference and hope many attendees will post about their experiences in education classes, keynotes and other sessions and evening events.  Consider sending another tweet or two sometime during the week to highlight something meaningful to you.


    Here are a few guidelines:


    1. Always use the hashtag #CADRE15 in your tweets so they can be easily identified as related to the conference.

    2. Use hashtags #CADatacom and #CAIdeal as they make sense.

    3. CA Technologies main Twitter handle is @CAInc.  That might come in handy at some point.

    4. Watch for tweets from the @CAMainframe account, various CA employees and fellow attendees.  Search for #CADRE15, then retweet, favorite or reply with your thoughts.


    Thanks for helping us bring attention to the valuable content and networking experiences at the CADRE Technical Conference this week!


    Dale Russell

    Director, Software Engineering

    Twitter: @rusda01