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  • 1.  Webcast - How to register

    Posted Jan 30, 2017 03:34 PM

    I am tryign to register so I get notified when there Webcast events. Only Gillian and Tim from my team receiving these notification currently. Is there a way I can register for these events and promotions ?

  • 2.  Re: Webcast - How to register

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jan 30, 2017 04:27 PM

    Hello Sri Karunanandan,

    If you are referring to the Webcasts  offered from the Communities, it could be that you are not following the Communities that your colleagues are. Can you provide me an example of a Webcast that you didn't get a notification and they did? 

    For example we recently had a new Support Online user on-boarding webcast that was managed out this Customer Care Community. We not only posted on this Community but several Product Communities. If you were not following any of those Communities you may not have received a notification.