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CA7 email and z/OS 2.3 - any issues?

  • 1.  CA7 email and z/OS 2.3 - any issues?

    Posted Sep 13, 2018 11:38 AM

    Anyone on z/OS 2.3 and sending email via ARF?  Since IBM has changed their email protocol, wondering if anyone is having issues with email from CA7?? 


    Fulfilled - As previously announced, the Simple Mail Transport Protocol Network Job Entry

    (SMTPD NJE) Mail Gateway and Sendmail mail transports are planned to be removed from

    z/OS. IBM now plans for z/OS V2.2 to be the last release to include these functions. If you

    use the SMTPD NJE Gateway to send mail, IBM recommends you use the existing CSSMTP

    SMTP NJE Mail Gateway instead. Also, IBM announced plans to provide a replacement

    program for the Sendmail client that would not require programming changes. Those plans

    have changed, and IBM now plans to provide a compatible subset of functions for Sendmail

    in the replacement program and to announce those functions in the future. Programming

    changes or alternative solutions to currently provided Sendmail functions might be required.

    No replacement function is planned in z/OS Communications Server to support using SMTPD

    or Sendmail as a (SMTP) server for receiving mail for delivery to local TSO/E or z/OS UNIX

    System Services user mailboxes, or for forwarding mail to other destinations.