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CA Workload Automation ESP Edition Office Hours Transcript (May 28th)

  • 1.  CA Workload Automation ESP Edition Office Hours Transcript (May 28th)

    Posted 05-29-2015 09:26 AM
    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Mary Good morning and thanks for joining us. What questions do you have for the team this morning?



    Mary :Regarding FT_Triggers, we frequently have a issues were they will trigger twice, to clean this up we recycle the ESP agent and delete/r3ename both the ESP DB and logs. Is there a better way, or can this be prevented?



    Don Powell (CA) :Is this part of a cluster?



    Mary :The one most frequently is, and it's not all the files, just some. but we also have it on a windows server that is not.



    Bob : Is this just a text only chat?



    Lucy Zhang (CA) :@Mary, how the agent is defined for the cluster agents?



    Don Powell (CA) :Is this really a WOBTRIG in an event or is the FT defined in Appl?



    Lucy Zhang (CA) :@Bob, yes, it's just a text only chat



    Lucy Zhang (CA) :@Bob, we have a team of experts who can see your questions and provide input



    Mary :We had both, but the one that is now giving us the most probelms is event WOB trigger



    Bob : We're looking for an automated method to get user requirements ( Remedy for example) and convert those into ESP job definitions.  Is anyone doing this or know how to accomplish?   Thanks



    Don Powell (CA) :You could open a  ticket... What I think is happening is the Wobtrig gets passed down to both agents in cluster and they are both looking for file to show up........ Do you know if you have RO78667 applied?



    Mary :I do not, I will ask



    Lucy Zhang (CA) :@Bob, if you an agent running on the same box where Remedy resides, then you can issue ESPmgr  Remedy to adjust/update related ESP job definition



    Mary :I look on CA site for RO78667, and that stats it's for  Events with wobtrigs always show 'WOBTRIG IN PREPARATION' in



    Mary :another question  my systems guy:



    Mary :In a recent enhancement to ESP 11.4, CA added the capability to perform file transfers using FTP SSL.  Is this really FTP SSL or is it FTL TLS?  Is it TLS V1.0, V1.1, and V1.2?



    Don Powell (CA):@Mary, In discussing this here I don't think this fix will resolve your issue.  After the failover both agents will end up with the file trigger defined to it. Then if the file is in a shared location both will see the update and fire....



    Mary :for the WOB Trig problem we have R11.3.1 install, not sure if that tells us if the RO78667 was patched.



    Sean :what is the phone number



    Don Powell (CA) :@Mary....the FTP is SSL  (FTPS )



    Lucy Zhang (CA) : @Sean, no phone number is offered, this is a text only chat



    Lucy Zhang (CA) :Welcome everyone, do you like the new ESP enhancements and how do you like the user communities?



    Mary :Hi Lucy, At first not sure about the communities, but the more i use the more i like...



    Lenn Thompson - CA :@Mary That's great to hear!



    Mary :Another question  my systems guy: do you have any plans to upgrade this to FTP TLS?  SSL is no longer accepted in a PCI DSS 3.0 environment.  SSL has been compromised by the POOLE vulnerability.



    Lucy Zhang (CA) :In case you are not aware, here are my favorite ones:

    RO77695: Jobs inserted into an active application via IW or APPLINS command are defined using ESP procedure language. The text of the definitions is stored in the application record but the BP command in CSF does not show it.  This enhancement enables display of inserted text by BP (Browse Procedure) command.                                                                  

    RO72017: The timing of access to the shared QUEUE data set will be set by ESP internally.  The initialization parameters that used to control this timing, MINHOLD, MINDORM and MAXDORM, will be accepted for compatibility, but will be ignored.                                 

    RO70180:  DYNAMIC AGENT CONFIGURATION , see  Tuesday tip “Tuesday Tips: (CA ESP) RFE - Change agent definition dynamically & Retrieve Agent Info”:


    RO74243: Support for USS File trigger.  You can use a USS file path and USS keyword instead of data set name on the event level DSTRIG.



    Lucy Zhang (CA) :@Mary, let me check a bit on the support of FTP TLS.



    Mary :ok



    Mary :@ Lucy, ok and thanks!!!



    Lucy Zhang (CA) :@Mary, would you post an idea for the support of FTP TLS to get votes  other users? Note: There are other users mentioned about this as well.



    Mary :Our agent that is having the WOB trigger problem - we have it setup in F5 for load balancing but clustered by the application side (hope that makes sense to you all)



    Mary :@ Lucy - sure I can do that



    Lucy Zhang (CA) :@Mary, great



    Don Powell (CA) :@Mary .....I am unsure what F5 option is.....Does this mean you using Resources to control the load balancing?



    Mary :I don't think so, I'm not sure how that works.



    Don Powell (CA) :@Mary.......I don't think we are going to resolve the WOBTRIG issue in this chat. It is fairly complex. I would suggest opening a case. We can work through the issue. 



    Don Powell (CA) :I understand the issue you are having...



    Mary :@ Don, ok



    Lenn Thompson - CA :Thanks for joining us today!