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Tuesday Tips: (CA ESP) Stop Running CYBESUT1 As Regular Routine

  • 1.  Tuesday Tips: (CA ESP) Stop Running CYBESUT1 As Regular Routine

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jun 26, 2015 06:06 PM

    CA Tuesday Tip by Lucy Zhang, Principal Support Engineer 


    In the past, ESP users used to be recommended by our support to run CYBESUT1 as part of a regular maintenance. We revised this. CYBESUT1 should be used as a tool in the ESP toolbox when something goes wrong with APPLFILE/TRAKFILE . It should be run on request of CA ESP support.


    PTF RO59341 for ESP 11.4 (RO58939 for 11.3) introduced SUBSYS option on CYBESUT1, which makes CYBESUT1 run even when ESP is active. It also adds checking to detect application slot overlays. Using the SUBSYS parameter implies that CYBESUT1 will serialize access to APPLFILE and JOBINDEX with ESP subsystem by taking an ENQ on the RSVLOGIC resource for the time of the run. If this utility runs longer than a few moments/seconds, at some point the activity of the associated ESP subsystem could be suspended as it would have to wait for the RSVLOGIC resource being held by CYBESUT1. The SUBSYS parameter was introduced to protect integrity of the APPLFILE and JOBINDEX during simultaneous runs of ESP and CYBESUT1 in UPDATE mode. Note: Using this parameter with ANALYZE mode is not necessary, but running CYBESUT1 ANALYZE while ESP Master subsystem is active may produce an incorrect and sometimes confusing report with bogus errors.


    And PTF RO67015 introduced support for the delete delay queue in the APPLFILE in ESP 11.4. For CYBESUT1, it means that it now performs a number of extensive, CPU consuming verifications of this queue to ensure its integrity.


    So with above PTFs, ESP may lockout when CYBESUT1 runs with SUSBSYS parameter when ESP subsystem is active.