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  • 1.  Newbie Question - Trying to retrieve a global variable value via OPSLink

    Posted Jul 14, 2015 05:47 PM

    I am having trouble locating the specifics for REXX return code value using OPSLink.


    Here is the message I am getting back:


    OPS1852E OPS GLOBAL request failed REXX RC=0000002C


    What I am trying to determine is what does the 0000002c mean.  If someone can point me to the manual/wiki page, hopefully I can solve the rest of the issue on my own.




  • 2.  Re: Newbie Question - Trying to retrieve a global variable value via OPSLink

    Posted Jul 14, 2015 07:58 PM

    Hello Mike,


    My name is Cesar Molina and I am part of the CA OPS/MVS Customer Support in our Plano, Texas facility.

    I have located the code that produces the message you are reporting but it will take me some time to get you the meaning of the RC listed.

    Personally I would not call it a newbie question as it takes some skills to anybody understand the ESI (Expert System Interface) and OPSLINK usage.


    Have you evelauated in your code the contents of the Register 15? In the User Guide on Chapter 17 "Expert System Interface" there is a section that shows the return codes from OPSLINK.

    The 2C is not listed there but you might want to try displaying the contents of Register 15 (in case you are using Assembler) to see if that gives you more clues on why your code is producing this message.

    Also I would like to see the code to determine what type of function is equivalent to our OPSVALUE function.

    A display (using option 4.8 of the OPSVIEW interface) of the global variable names/stems you are attempting to access with your code will be alsohelpful. How many stems/subnodes are there for this global?


    Mike, if you wish we could alse take this to a Customer Support case so we can help you debug this code further.

    Let us know what works best for you tonight.


    Regards, Cesar

  • 3.  Re: Newbie Question - Trying to retrieve a global variable value via OPSLink

    Posted Jul 16, 2015 12:47 PM

    Cesar, did you find anything on this unique error?   The OPSLINK gets a RC 4 with the initially OPS1852E OPS GLOBAL request failed REXX RC=0000002C.  The loadlib with OPSLINK is in LINKLIST.

  • 4.  Re: Newbie Question - Trying to retrieve a global variable value via OPSLink
    Best Answer

    Posted Jul 16, 2015 05:43 PM

    Mike, thanks for let us know that OPSLINK is getting back to you with a return code of 4 on register 15.

    According to the manual it means "Product or system service failed" but that really does not tell us much about it.

    Without your code or details of your Global Variables setup to try in our labs to mimic your problem I really can not provide you further guidance.

    I am requesting our Sustianing Engineers team to address your question in this Community post for the return code posted in the OPS1852E message..

    If you are still interested to run this via a Customer Support ticket I will be glad to run tests in our labs to understand how you are seeing this error and under what conditions.


    Standby Mike for our next post in this entry

    Regards, Cesar

  • 5.  Re: Newbie Question - Trying to retrieve a global variable value via OPSLink

    Posted Jul 17, 2015 11:29 AM



    The answer to your original question on what the return code '2C' means in the message OPS1852E is:

    This is a REXX error 44 (after translating it to decimal) and it indicates that a "Function did not return any data".

    This error is documented via CA OPS/MVS informational messahe OPS1044I.

    I have added an excerpt from our Message guide for that message:


    OPS1044I ERROR 44 process rxpgna, LINE lno: FUNCTION DID NOT RETURN DATA

    Explanation: An external function has been invoked within an expression, but even though it appeared to end without error, it did not return data for use within the expression.

    Action: Examine the program and correct the error.                            


    Mike, as suggested in my prior posts we can help you further via a Customer Support case so we can go over your code and Global Variables setup to identify the issue.

    Most likely your problem is that you are trying to manipulate Global Variables and they either do not exist (you can create them using the OPSVALUE function) or the criteria you are using to access them is not finding the name/stems you are exepecting to get back. This is just ia an educated guess based on the meaning of the return code.


    I can give you a phone call to discuss this further Mike.

    Feel free to email me at cesar.molina@ca.com so I have your contact information.

    Hope this information helps resolve your problem.


    Regards, Cesar

    Principal Support Engineer

  • 6.  Re: Newbie Question - Trying to retrieve a global variable value via OPSLink

    Posted Jul 20, 2015 01:06 PM

    Hello Mike,


    Many thanks for opening a case on Friday night and for providing us with the documentation we asked for in this Communities post via the open ticket. Due to the business impact this case had for your company your data was loaded over the weekend and the code was exercised in our labs to confirm your problem. The case was then brought to the attention of our Sustaining Engineer team this morning and a code change was recommended. Two MVC assembler statements needed to be reviewed to considering the length of a half word for proper data alligment.


    Thanks again for using the Communities as a tool to communicate with us on any concerns or problems you have using our product. Please keep doing so in the future and do not ever hesitate to cut a new ticket in case you feel the subject might require a more specialized level of support.




    Cesar Molina
    Principal Support Engineer, Global Customer Success

    Subject Matter Expert