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Dynam/T r7.1 for z/VSE and EMC MDL support

  • 1.  Dynam/T r7.1 for z/VSE and EMC MDL support

    Posted Sep 18, 2013 04:50 AM
    Does Dynam/T r7.1 for z/VSE support the EMC MDL ( Mainframe Data Library ) ?


    The Mainframe Data Library (MDL) is a family of high-performance virtual tape controllers that use EMC storage platforms to store and retrieve data.
    Each model produces a scalable solution that reduces mainframe tape risks and costs while protecting customers' investments in tape applications.

    The MDL 1000 and 2000 attach to zSeries mainframe FICON/ESCON channels and use standard Gigabit Ethernet IP/Fibre Channel to attach to storage arrays.

    how does the communication between Dynam/T and MDL work ?

    DYNAM/T for z/VSE itself does not have a official Interface to the MDL ...
    the new MDL (VTS) Robot is mounting a Virtual Volser in seconds ...
    But a Software behind is waiting for the upcomming Dynam/T mount scratch message with prefix "D"
    (CADT008D wich normaly require Operator intervention)
    then it will do further Work with the required Operator Command.