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  • 1.  AP Trace Service - Recycle with AP

    Posted Sep 07, 2016 01:19 PM

    We noticed that the AP TRACE Service does not stop/start with a stop/start of AP. 


    Had set an INIT REXX to run at AP startup, that did some SAY statements.  After bouncing AP, none of the messages were in REXXLOG.LOG.  Found we had to manually stop/start the AP TRACE Service - then All was OK after an AP recycle.

    I would assume AP is not Tracing if AP is down and the Trace Service is running, so why not have the Trace Service stop/start as AP does?  Not sure if there are other AP Services that should also follow this practice?

  • 2.  Re: AP Trace Service - Recycle with AP

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Sep 07, 2016 02:51 PM

    Hi, Sal. 


    I was the tech who helped mitigate the problem you were having with CA Automation Point today, and I'd to clarify what the problem was, what we learned, and how we resolved the issue.


    PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION: you wanted to configure automation point to invoke an AP REXX program at startup. you already had AXCREXX and AXCREXX logging enabled in the global REXX settings which affect all of your session definition sets. You added an override for the one session definition set that you have defined for your site such that your AP REXX program is launched at startup. You were running Automation Point as a service and not using the Automation Point Desktop application. After defining the REXX program to launch at startup, you connected to your running AP with Remote Viewer client and then shutdown AP. You then started up AP using Remote Viewer, but we could not see any of SAY statements from your REXX output in your REXXLOG.LOG. You wanted to know why the messages were not appearing in your REXXLOG.LOG and how to configure the product so that they would output there.


    SOLUTION IDENTIFICATION: we found that the global REXX logging settings affect the overriden rexx settings for your single session definition set, and that after this is setup and AP is shutdown, if we STOP the AP TRACE service and then START it again, and then startup AP, we are able to log the messages from your REXX program invoked at startup.


    So the reason why the AP TRACE service continues running after the AP Desktop application and the AP Autostart Manager service is shutdown or stopped, respectively, is because it manages the tracing facility for the notification services, which runs independently from AP Desktop application and AP running as a service (axc2p.exe). 


    FUN AP FACT: the command to stop ALL AP services accessible through the Configuration Manager -> Infrastructure -> Services panel is 'STOPAP' (without quotes) issued at the Windows command prompt. You can also stop and start these services individually through the Services panel in the Configuration Manager GUI.




  • 3.  Re: AP Trace Service - Recycle with AP

    Posted Sep 07, 2016 03:26 PM



    Great write-up!  I think the FUN AP FACT is always the perfect conclusion. For years, at family dinner, I always try to have my kids end the meal with a FUN AP FACT – it brings us all closer. (Tried a few times for FUN OPS/MVS FACTS, but just wasn’t the same.) Can’t wait to share this one tonight!


    Seriously – Appreciate you taking the time to write this up - think you captured it all!



  • 4.  Re: AP Trace Service - Recycle with AP

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Sep 09, 2016 09:23 AM

    AP FUN FACTs do tend to bring the family closer, especially during Sunday dinner. Just this past Sunday, our family shared that the hwmcawin.dll file establishes the runtime environment for the HMC Console API, so that  APCMOSI.rex and HAF can send commands to and monitor the messages of the HMC, respectively. I can still hear Mother saying, "My how these AP Factoids make the brisket taste so much better..."