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 no automatic generation of PMA reports

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Stephan Nickel posted Dec 08, 2020 12:47 PM
Automatic generation of PMA reports at the end of measurements does not work, neither when requested by online monitor Definition (PMA reports ===> Y) nor by TUNCALL with BATCHREPORTS. The only message observed is TN0057E THE XML_REPOSITORY_DIR VARIABLE IS NOT AVAILABLE.

By contrast, manual generation of PMA reports works fine. Is there anything I can do?
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Broadcom Employee Petr Klomfar
Hi Stephan,

thanks for reaching out. I have investigated locally and I am unable to recreate the symptoms. That leads me to the suspicion that some configuration step is missing on your side. There are several questions I have in mind. Whether you are generating reports through a GUI interface or from ISPF. In the first scenario, a missing STEP 16 under TRCUST would cause the DATALLOC job not to be updated and could cause such behavior. 

However, the best solution is to open a support ticket (please visit for CA MAT and I will have my L2 engineers investigate your symptoms more closely as well as the current environment setup.

Hope to resolve this bummer soon.

Best Regards.

Petr Klomfar

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