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 Workload Agent 12.0 certified for Windows Server 2022

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Eric Kammerer posted Feb 07, 2022 02:34 PM
Will workload agent 12.0 be certified for Windows Server 2022? Is there a timeline for this to happen?
Thanks in advance.
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Eric Kammerer
I ended up opening a case to get this answered, here is the answer I got back.
"The 12.0 version of the agent is not and will not be supported on Windows Server 2022. However, Broadcom Engineering is currently working on the 12.1 release of the agent which will be supported on the Windows Server 2022 operating system. The 12.1 agents should be available in the coming months. We will provide communication once it is available. If you are not registered for proactive notifications, now would be a great time to register for this service. Please visit the Security Advisories section of our support site to register. You'll toggle on the various alerts that you wish to receive related to the products of your choosing."

The 12.1 agent will support Windows 2019...