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 MESSAGE LINE in CA-IDEAL Online Session

posted 06-11-2021 03:34 AM

In CA-Ideal sessions, there are 3 lines at top, 1. Command Line 2. Separator Line 3. Message Line. I could get-rid of the command line and separator line using SET COMMAND option. But I'm not sure how to get rid of the message line.

I required to do this since,

We are creating a new online-screens where I have to populate error messages at the bottom of the screen and I don't want this message line to appear at the top of my panel.

Could you please help ?
Broadcom Employee
Thanks for this question about the CA Ideal Message Line. I will check into this and let you know what I find, as this has not been asked before.
Broadcom Employee
Hi Premnath, 
Indirect peripheral messages or notifications dealing with system problems or errors should contribute to an experience that helps users of interactive applications. Visibility of these messages is the key to capturing the user's attention so they can respond quickly and correctly. CA Ideal uses the message line to accomplish this by displaying both informational and critical operational messages to the user. Because 3270-based products do not have the graphical highlighting capabilities like those of other platforms, CA Ideal has followed good design practices for high-attention system alerts to be placed at the top of the screen, and therefore the message line cannot be suppressed or altered.

While we encourage you to develop your application and its messages in the best way to meet your user's needs, we will continue to maintain the high-attention message line at the top of the screen for CA Ideal system messages and have no current plans to change or remove this. Please let us know if you have any other questions.