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 Automatic submission of job APCYJLNA by the PMA server

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Stephan Nickel posted Dec 28, 2020 06:39 AM

How can I activate the function described in the documentation as cited below?

In order to get the measurement results available in PMA as soon as possible, the Server submits job APCYJLNA any time a measured job step has terminated. If you use this functional benefit, job APCYJLST is needed only for measurements that are not controlled by PMA and for the CICS and IMS/DC measurements.

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Broadcom Employee Hennie Hermans

Hi Stephan,

To generate a PMA report at the end of a measurement you can specify PMA Reports Y(es) at the Monitor Criteria screen (Option 1 (Monitor Definitions), Select Profile).

The screen shows :  PMA reports ===> N (Y or N)  
        Specify Y to create PMA reports automatically at the end of the monitor period.
        Specify N for no automatic PMA reports.
        Note: PMA Reports can't be generated at the same time as a Batch report.

Best regards
Hennie Hermans

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Stephan Nickel

Hi Hennie,

Thank you for your response. Automatic generation of PMA reports (i.e. the list data set), however, was not my point in this question, as opposed to case 32427808, which was resolved by APAR ST15933.

By contrast, I was referring to the automatic import of measurement results (i.e. the list data sets containing the PMA reports) which, according to the abovementioned documentation, can be accomplished by having the PMA server automatically submit Job APCYLNA at end of job steps. But I do not see how I can activate this function.

Regards, Stephan

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Broadcom Employee Petr Klomfar
Hi Stephan,

first thing first. Happy New Year to you!

Thanks for a great question! I took a look with one of my engineering colleagues into the code and we did not find backing for this documentation statement. 

There is a setting under option 5 (PMA Parameter) -> G1 - Measurement DS processing however this parameter decides if only MAT Batch Reports from PMA triggered measurements should be imported, or if every Batch Report file with the defined prefix shall be taken. Therefore I am inclining to the imprecise documentation in this case.  

But all is not lost. We have an innovation planned and in progress in development currently - for APCYJLST automatic handling and importing of the data (this is a parent PGM that prepares and submits APCYJLNA PGM).

I will be sure to let you know as soon as this is officially available. In the meantime, I am continuing to investigate more and consult the godfathers of PMA to eliminate any chance for misinformation from my side. 

Thank you for your patience. 

Best Regards 
Petr Klomfar
Product Owner | CA Mainframe Application Tuner 
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Stephan Nickel
Hi, Petr!

Thank you for your Information. I wish you a happy new year as well.

As to the planned enhancement of APCYJLST, I am looking forward to it.

Best wishes, Stephan