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  • 1.  New CA Spool 14.0 PTFs

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jul 15, 2021 08:57 AM
    The CA Spool team recently released two PTFs which are available from Mainframe Software Support:
    • LU02067 - This PTF implements the latest CA Spool level set, 14.0.03. After you apply this Level Set PTF and its prerequisites, all previously published maintenance in the release is applied.
    • LU01741 - This PTF adds the CSSMTP print driver and support for ICSF key encryption.
    You can use the new CSSMTP print driver to automatically send CA Spool print files, including PDF, HTML, and RTF wrapped text files by email using the Communication Server SMTP (CSSMTP) application.

    The new ICSF key encryption option lets you encrypt backup data using an ICSF AES secure key, also known as a protected or encrypted key.

    For more information, see New Features in the CA Spool 14.0 documentation.

    Senior Technical Writer
    Broadcom Inc