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Broadcom announces ESP Workload Automation Intelligence

  • 1.  Broadcom announces ESP Workload Automation Intelligence

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jun 15, 2021 03:43 PM
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    Broadcom announces ESP Workload Automation Intelligence 

    We are delighted to announce ESP Workload Automation Intelligence, a complete solution that will provide ESP customers with the ability to manage their scheduling environment(s), improve the uptime of business processing with high availability, balance workload resources with service governor, restart critical jobs with little to no intervention, and integrate with ServiceNow or in-house applications via open and secure APIs. By leveraging predictive analytics, users can be alerted when service level agreements (SLA) / service level objectives (SLO) are at risk of being missed.  These predictive insights provide operations teams and application owners with a runway to take corrective action before the SLA/SLO is breached thereby mitigating the impact to the business.

    ESP Workload Automation Intelligence integrates with Automic Automation Intelligence (AAI)

    The AAI integration with ESP can be combined with other schedulers running on the mainframe, other platforms, or even schedulers from other software providers to enable an enterprise view of your workload. To see the full list of AAI integrations click here.

    The Value of Integrating with AAI for ESP Customers

    According to a Forrester Research Report, one customer saw a 68% reduction in SLA breaches. A typical customer is projected to realize over $5.8M in annual savings by using AAI's key features. With ESP Workload Automation Intelligence your critical workload data becomes a valuable source of business insights to drive improvements in your IT Operations, your digital transformation journey, and your business success. 

    Read more on how AAI helps IT organizations deliver better outcomes for your business.  EMA Research Paper -A holistic view to improve business outcomes

    "The ability to run analyses of our job scheduling runs, and use those insights to make changes in our base workload environment, has been a game-changer" – Financial Services Customer

    In addition to the integration, we are including the following Workload Automation ESP entitlements with this solution:

    • High Availability
    • Restart
    • Service Governor
    • High Encryption

    To learn how you can take advantage of these new capabilities, please reach out to your Mainframe Business Specialist.


    Ed Blazejewski

    Product Manager, Workload Automation ESP

    Broadcom Inc

    Product Manager Output Management


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