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  • 1.  TSS password propagation, using CPF

    Posted Dec 13, 2017 10:42 AM

    Hi everybody,

    Working for a client, i am in charge of duplicating users ACIDS from one TSS base to another new TSS of new partition, knowing that the new TSS base is still customized and operating. Therefore i planned to create thousands of ACIDS, but i encountered a problem with CPF => each password change will be verificated on new partition. If not the same password, new password is not propagated. We'll be constrained to reinitialize every user.

    Is there another way to proceed ?

    I thought PWVIEW could help us but now it is obsolete...

    Thx and have a good end of year

  • 2.  Re: TSS password propagation, using CPF
    Best Answer

    Posted Dec 13, 2017 10:53 AM



    You probably need to turn on TSS control option OPTIONS(3), this will deactivate the TSSCPF check made against the old password.

    Set it up on all your remote nodes. And on your local one if it is remote from another one.


    OPTIONS 3 Disables inbound CPF old/new password verification. This allows gradual implementation of security file synchronization.


    Sincerely, Jacques.

  • 3.  Re: TSS password propagation, using CPF

    Posted Dec 14, 2017 09:23 AM

    Hi Jacques,

    I didn't knew about that parameter.

    I'm pushing your answer to my support to modify the parmlib

    I'll tell you about the issue ASAP.


  • 4.  Re: TSS password propagation, using CPF

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Dec 14, 2017 09:47 AM

    For reference, you'll find the OPTIONS documentation here.