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New Features and Highlights - Spring 2022 Edition (Level Set PTF 20.0.03)

  • 1.  New Features and Highlights - Spring 2022 Edition (Level Set PTF 20.0.03)

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Mar 09, 2022 01:30 PM
    Edited by Cynthia Hamm Mar 09, 2022 01:38 PM
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    This document provides a summarized list of the enhancements that we have made to Version 20.0 of the Database Management Solutions for Db2 for z/OS in Level Set PTF 20.0.03 (LU04945). Activation is only required for the object filter option in strategies Log Analyzer feature (LU04006). Other Db2 Tools highlights are also provided.

    Feature and Other Highlights

    DevOps: We invite you to attend an interactive, hands-on Db2 DevOps workshop that demonstrates the tools that you need to perform Db2 application schema provisioning and test data provisioning using the Database Management Solutions for Db2 from the Zowe CLI interface.

    In this workshop, you'll learn how to create profiles, connect to a Db2 for z/OS subsystem, and create Db2 objects in a development environment to implement object changes using the zowe dbm-db2 command and other CLI commands.

    To attend a workshop and learn more about our approach to DevOps and existing capabilities, go to https://mainframe.broadcom.com/devops/db2-devops-dba. Or, join our validation group to use the pre-GA version of the DBM for Db2 Plug-in for Zowe CLI from our validate site. This workshop is not a feature in Level Set PTF 20.0.03.

    Do you have what it takes to upgrade your Db2 version? A new Db2 VNext Readiness report is available within the Db2 for z/OS Report in Mainframe Resource Intelligence (MRI). This new report provides an overview of the challenges that you may encounter while completing your migration to Db2 VNext, including trends over time.

    The Db2 for z/OS Report in MRI can help you quickly assess the complexity and size of your Db2 environment and also generate reports to help you achieve cost reductions, modernization, and data protection.

    Request your Free assessment today at https://broadcom.com/trymri (check the box "Db2 Report for z/OS").

    Detector now uses a zIIP processor to externalize collected standard activity data to a data store when a zIIP processor is available. The use of zIIP processors for this CPU-intensive processing can improve performance and can reduce costs.


    More Features

    • Product PTF Analysis support. This solution lets you use the Product PTF Analysis feature in SYSVIEW to:
      • Determine the PTFs and APARs that are currently applied.
      • View detailed descriptions of published PTFs.
      • Compare the PTFs that have been applied on each LPAR.

    Product PTF Analysis shows this information for all Broadcom mainframe products that have the necessary XML data available.

    • ALTER TABLESPACE MOVE TABLE support. Fast Recover, Log Analyzer, Merge/Modify, RC/Migrator, and Recovery Analyzer now provide support for Db2 12 M508 (V12R1M508) ALTER TABLESPACE MOVE TABLE option. This option lets you move deprecated multi-table tablespaces to partition-by-growth universal tablespaces easily.
      • Fast Recover, Merge/Modify, and Recovery Analyzer check the IBM.SYSCOPY table to ensure that a point-in-time recovery or accumulation does not precede the migration.
      • The Log Analyzer DML reports now display the original tablespace name for tables that are migrated with this option.
      • RC/Migrator can now syntax check ALTER TABLESPACE MOVE TABLE statements.
    • Xmanager now supports new parameters in the UPMPARM parmlib member. The new IRLMRWT and RESTOPOBJ parameters let you specify whether the Utility Process Manager (UPM) temporarily overrides the IRLMRWT and RETRY_STOPPED_OBJECTS subsystem parameters in the IBM DSNZPARM. During critical online processing of objects that are accessed by other applications, UPM overrides these parameters to prevent SQL -904 errors. This feature provides greater flexibility in managing your Db2 subsystems by allowing you to set these parameters manually or use the values in the IBM DSNZPARM.
    • Detector can now report or unload metrics by subsystem ID. When you generate a report or unload data for a data sharing group, you can now report or unload the metrics by member (SSID). Previously, the common metrics for multiple members were aggregated into a single report or unload file. This feature lets you separate metrics for each member and saves time and system resources. No updates are needed when members are added or removed from a data sharing group.
    • Fast Unload can perform consistent unloads and maintain data integrity with uninterrupted access to the data during unloads when you specify the new SHRLEVEL CHANGE,CONSISTENT keyword option and SQL-ACCESS NONE. These options create a temporary FlashCopy and use the Consistent Point-in-Time Service (CPITS) to achieve data consistency after the copy has been made.
    • Log Analyzer now supports object filter options in strategies and individual DDL Activity reports. This enhancement helps you quickly audit the DDL changes that are performed on specific applications when you create a strategy for a set of application objects. Level Set activation is required for this feature (see Activate a Level Set).
    • Plan Analyzer now supports native REST services. You can create REST API packages, copy them to other subsystems, rebind them, and free them.
    • RC/Migrator, RC/Compare, and RC/Update enhancements:
      • Expanded Routines Support. Support for routines has been expanded to include Db2 user functions and support for stored procedures. You can now generate DDL to migrate user-defined functions and manage user-defined functions from the online, interactive panels.
      • DDL_MATERIALIZATION zPARM support. This zPARM is checked when an ALTER TABLE... ALTER COLUMN... SET DATA TYPE statement is used to change the precision, size, length, scale, or data type of a table column. Based on the zPARM setting, the appropriate DDL and utility statements are generated during analysis.
      • Batch analysis enhancements. You can now identify database objects in a quick migration without specifying a creator. You can also use the new DROPONLY analysis parameter to generate only DROP object DDL, which is useful when you want to drop and not create or recreate an object. You can also now read and apply global changes from a global change set using the READGCS parameter.
    • RC/Query enhancements:
      • Db2 12 M507 CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE support. After M507 is activated, you can generate DDL and HDDL that includes the CREATE PROCEDURE statement with the OR REPLACE clause without having to drop and recreate the procedure.
      • Accelerator Only Tables now Identified. A new column, AOT, has been added to the Table Accelerator (T-AC) report and many other reports (16 total). This column makes it easy to identify accelerator only tables in reports.
    • SYSVIEW for Db2 enhancements:
      • Support for Exception Names. Every exception is now assigned a name value to simplify its future identification and maintenance. During startup, the data collector now upgrades the exception file and assigns an exception name to every existing exception definition.
      • Support for new RDS Sort and Db2ZAI Fields. New fields in the (002) STATS2, (003) ACCT, 148 (THREAD-STATS), and (1002) CURR-STATS2 trace records and updated reports help you monitor and tune the performance of RDS sort processing.
      • Support for physically closed data set fields. Two new fields are now supported in the (002) STATS2 and (1002) CURR-STATS2 trace records to count data sets that are physically closed by Db2.

    For more information about these enhancements, see New Features in the Release Notes.

    What's cooking in the lab?

    Join the Db2 Tools 20.0 Validation Project, where the Broadcom labs reveal upcoming features and seek feedback. See what we are developing, as we develop it. Validation meetings are your best opportunity to influence the development of the Database Management Solutions for Db2 products. Register today at https://validate.broadcom.com/key/db2tools200