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New Functionality is Available in the NetMaster Web Portal!

  • 1.  New Functionality is Available in the NetMaster Web Portal!

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Oct 25, 2021 06:32 PM

    The latest release of the NetMaster Web Portal includes new features and functionality designed to enhance your network management and troubleshooting capabilities:

    • The Command Entry API, which enables you to issue NetMaster and USS/MVS commands, is now available as a Utility in the Web Portal. In addition to exposing a command line interface to newer mainframe users, the Command Entry API offers the added convenience and efficiency of being able to issue commands across multiple regions without logging in and out of the regions in the 3270 interface.

    • When viewing real-time data in the CA NetMaster Web Portal, you can now select from multiple LPARs. When you initially log in to the Web Portal, the log-in page includes a new Server field to select the LPAR/region from which you want to view data. If, after logging in, you want to view data from a different LPAR/region, you can choose a different LPAR/region from the select list located next to the Refresh button. Multi-system functionality increases efficiency for network and security staff because they do not need to log in and log out of different regions to view data. 

    • The About > Help option now displays the CA NetMaster Web Portal version, the revision, and a timestamp. It also displays the availability status of the LPARs defined for your installation. This allows Web Portal users to quickly see which LPARs are available. 

    • The Connection List view is now an option on the Security menu. You can still access the Connection List from the Connection Summary view in cases where you are already viewing a specific stack, task, or application. In cases, where you want to quickly see a list of all active connections, you now have the flexibility to directly access the information from the Connection List menu option.

    • The NetMaster Web Portal installation now supports the use of the AT-TLS protocol for secure HTTPS connectivity. AT-TLS is beneficial because it encrypts and decrypts data based on a Policy Agent that can manage settings for multiple applications. This is more efficient than defining and managing individual certificates for multiple applications. In addition, SAF keyrings can now be used by the Web Portal. Keyrings enable you to define and administer multiple certificates from a single point, making it easier to secure your z/OS environment. 
    For more information refer to the CA NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP documentation.

    Bryan Shuman
    Senior Technical Writer | Mainframe Division
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