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Spotlight on our 2019 IBM Champions!

  • 1.  Spotlight on our 2019 IBM Champions!

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Apr 24, 2019 12:43 PM

    Everyone loves a champion.  Every year, IBM recognizes innovative thought leaders in the technical community. The criteria to become a Champion is based on individual contributions that go far beyond the scope of a “job”, those who give so generously of their time, effort, and energy are recognized and rewarded for their efforts.


    So what do these Champions actually do and why are they considered the best in the industry?  These individuals share their knowledge, and help grow communities of professionals.   Champions spend a considerable amount of their own time, energy, and resources on community efforts—organizing and leading user group events, answering questions in forums, contributing articles and applications, publishing podcasts, sharing instructional videos, and more.


    In short, Champions demonstrate both expertise in and extraordinary support and advocacy for IBM technology, communities, and solutions.


    At CA Technologies, a Broadcom Company, we are proud of our 2019 IBM Champions, who provide significant contributions, especially to the Db2 community.  Please take a moment to learn about our great consortium of Champions!


    So how can you meet our Subject Experts For All Things DB2, and how can you tap into their knowledge?  Well, you’ll certainly see several at IDUG Conferences.  But too they are conveniently just a mouse click away:  all you need to do is join our Community for Database Management for DB2 and IMS!


    And, we invite YOU to become active and contribute your ideas and techniques – we’re ALWAYS looking for more content from Champions and Unsung Heroes like YOURSELF!  See you soon in the Community!


    And of course, to learn more about our DB2 management capabilities, visit: ca.com/db2




    Steen Rasmussen

    Customer Services Consultant (SWAT team)



    IT specialist for almost 40 years and the majority of time spent with Db2, working on all aspects. Love to work with customers making sure the benefit the most from their investment.



    Steve Thomas

    Customer Services Consultant (SWAT team)




    Steve is a member of the Mainframe Solution Center (or SWAT) team at Broadcom, and has been a DB2 Specialist for almost 30 years. IBM Champion for Analytics since 2009 and regular speaker at User Groups and Conferences around the world.



    Philippe Dubost

    Market Manager




    Big fan of #Db2z, Philippe is Market Manager at CA Technologies, a Broadcom company. #csDUG leader, and IBM Champion since 2013.



    Emil Kotrč

    Principal Software Architect




    Principal Software Architect at Mainframe Division at Broadcom Inc., member of the IDUG Content Committee, IBM Champion since 2015.





    Manuel Gómez Burriel

    Product Owner for Db2 Utilities




    With more than 35 years of experience in the mainframe technology, my professional interest has been always in the data management area.

    Fully convinced about the need of knowledge exchange, I have collaborated in multiple user groups (GSE, IDUG, SpDUG) activities along the time.


    Denis Tronin

    Product Manager




    Product Manager at Mainframe Division at Broadcom, member of the IDUG Content Committee, member of Zowe mainframe open source project, IBM Champion since 2016.


    Jan Marek

    Principal Product Owner




    Jan is a member of CA Db2 tools product management team at Broadcom. He is an IBM Champion for Analytics since 2017.


    Javier Estrada Benavides

    Product Owner for Db2 Backup and Recovery




    A curious Mainframe guy since 2005 with specialization in Db2 for z/OS but not limited to it. Javier is a Product Owner at CA Technologies, a Broadcom Company.