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MICS documentation and CA's DocOps initiative

  • 1.  MICS documentation and CA's DocOps initiative

    Posted Oct 26, 2015 02:24 PM

    CA MICS sites/clients (you and your peer-users inclusive)  who rely on MICS technical / administration / end-user documentation stand to benefit with raising your awareness about CA's DocOps initiative, as it pertains to the CA MICS product family/suite documentation material.  The MICS-preview is wrapping up this week, having been extended.


    I encourage all concerned individuals to contact CA SUPPORT and request more information about how you might be able to participate and provide CA valuable feedback, considering the uniqueness of MICS documentation, such as the MICS Data Dictionary Guide, DIA (Data Integration Application) Component Guides, and the CA MICS PIOM Guide.


    See my prior CA COMMUNITIES Wiki-related post below.


    CA MICS and Wiki-Mania for MICS Documentation




    Scott Barry

    SBBWorks, Inc.