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RMF MONITOR III and zEDC feature/card metrics

  • 1.  RMF MONITOR III and zEDC feature/card metrics

    Posted Jul 27, 2015 05:21 PM

    From what has been gathered, IBM is intending to only add zEDC metrics to RMF MONITOR III with z/OS V2R2, while not providing those same metrics with z/OS V2R1 support.  For many sites, z/OS V2R2 is years away and if sites are to exploit new-function such as zEDC feature/card technology, then IBM really needs to be response and back-fit current-release z/OS V2R1 to add those same metrics for z/OS / RMF performance analysis.


    Those sites intending to exploit/leverage zEDC cards (where seeing 10-to-1 SMF data compression regularly, either with SMF LOGSTREAM and/or SMF/sequential (DISK) data copy operations), it would be prudent for IBM clients to let IBM contacts / sales-staff know about this important enhanced performance metrics functionality in z/OS V2R1.....


    Scott Barry

    SBBWorks, Inc.