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CA MICS and Wiki-Mania for MICS Documentation

  • 1.  CA MICS and Wiki-Mania for MICS Documentation

    Posted Jul 27, 2015 05:39 PM

    For those on this channel who are unaware of some content-delivery (documentation) movement under-foot....CA MICS is one of those customizable "text centric documentation", for which the MICS DOCUMENTATION FACILITY has served novice to savvy MICS admins, end-users, analysts, and sometimes even managers for 3+ decades.  The CA Wiki facility is poised to short-circuit this site-unique, tailored-oriented CA MICS documentation material in the coming time-period.  What that looks like is still an unknown, at least for most CA MICS software clients, although it's been talked-about since mid-2014.


    And it will be up to savvy, knowledgeable, articulate CA clients to help enlighten CA management / staff as to why not.  Also, MICS clients sites who have concern are strongly encouraged to ask questions when the topic is encountered, either through CA COMMUNIITES or otherwise within the CA Support / Sales-Support Services world.


    And for CA MICS clients who have tailored any MICS components, have composed MICS an FDA (Field-Developed Application, AKA User Component) or otherwise might have exploited MICS DOCPICK facilities to write your own MICS guide, it will be important to ask relevant questions in order to learn just how this material will be supported going forward....


    Also, even if CA devises a way to host the WIKI content locally within a client's environment (to be determined, if at all), there are content concerns present with version / PTF-level differences just to name one.  Sites cannot always be expected to depend on some cloud-hosted content, as it were.


    Another opportunity is to reply to this post with questions, as there are CA technical / management personnel who monitor this CA MICS COMMUNITY channel -- or otherwise open a CA SUPPORT CASE to start your own discussion.


    Scott Barry

    SBBWorks, Inc.