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DB2 ACCUMACC - convincing DB2 SYSPROGs it's a good idea

  • 1.  DB2 ACCUMACC - convincing DB2 SYSPROGs it's a good idea

    Posted Dec 31, 2014 11:46 AM

    The DB2 z/OS setup/configuration option ACCUMACC stands to help large IBM mainframe sites with controlling DB2 SMF 101 data-volume challenges while also not circumvent the DB2 performance monitoring challenge altogether.


    First off, one positive approach to help convince others (if there is even a data-volume challenge at all) is to approach the DB2 SYSPROG mgmt. area asking that they consider giving it a try, monitor the benefit / trade-off, and also share DB2 detail thread / package event data (from MICS, or otherwise) to demonstrate just what information is being lost for the DDF / RRSAF connections.  This technique could be a first-start to working together with DB2 techie types to get them to understand that the ever-increasing SMF 101 data must be managed.


    Of course, another possibility that can help I to migrate to z/OS SMF LOGSTREAMs which affords IBM System z sites the opportunity to exploit SMF LOGSTREAMs while not compromising the SMF 101 data-loss.  And there will be some sites where this option isn't going to solve the data-volume condition, regardless.


    So, a few opportunities to explore are:


    1) z/OS SMF LOGSTREAMs - could apply to several SMF-recording sources (DB2, MQ, WAS, other DBMS solutions)

    2) DB2 and ACCUMACC / ACCUMUID -- perceived limiting performance mgmt. which may not be the case

    3) DB2 SMF data compression (DB2 subsystem)

    4) SMF data compression (zEDC compression technology) -- all / subset of SMF becomes compression candidate; requlres LOGSTREAM

    5) consider DB2 subsystem migration - split up LPARs' workload for better distribution; could force DB2 data-sharing?


    For the above choices, the most immediate and straightforward to consider is DB2 ACCUMACC / ACCUMUID -- but it's clear that there must be some technical staff to convince, likely originating from responsible mgmt. personnel who "own" SMF data management initiative.  But remember, "IF" there is  justified condition calling for DB2 performance analysis, the ACCUMACC option can always be turned-off within a given DB2 subsystem, and for a limited time-period.


    Scott Barry

    SBBWorks, Inc.