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Identify unique step-name for each SMF LOGSTREAM offload started-task (STC)

  • 1.  Identify unique step-name for each SMF LOGSTREAM offload started-task (STC)

    Posted Jun 16, 2015 11:54 AM

    With SMF LOGSTREAMs, it is typical to initiate a separate started-task to perform parallel-execution SMF data offloads periodically through the day.  As well, a typical configuration/setup is to have a common JCL/PROC member that is executed (with PGM=SMFDLS, when using CA SMF DIRECTOR), while passing a JCL symbol parameter to resolve the specific SMF LOGSTREAM name being operated on.


    With started task execution, the job/task-name will always be the same however one method for unique step-level identification is to start the STC and append a ".<lsname>" reference as shown below:




    By supplying the additional step-name information in the START command, each unique STC execution for DUMPLS (in this example above) will distinguish job-step name based on the SMF LOGSTREAM suffix identifier.  Most often this activity is controlled programmatically with automation software -- by parsing the "D SMF" command and generating the START commands, one for each defined SMF LOGSTREAM, as required.


    This information helps when wanting to analyze SMF LOGSTREAM offload performance with unique identification per SMF LOGSTREAM.


    Scott Barry

    SBBWorks, Inc.