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CA Brightside v3.0.14 with Zowe v1.23.0 Long-Term Support (LTS)

  • 1.  CA Brightside v3.0.14 with Zowe v1.23.0 Long-Term Support (LTS)

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jul 27, 2021 10:51 AM
    Edited by Michael Aimino Jul 27, 2021 02:05 PM

    CA Brightside 3.0.14 includes updated Zowe v1.23.0 components and new Broadcom product innovations.

    Zowe CLI

    • Enhancement: Added new aliases for zos-files commands in delete, download, and list relating to USS files. You can now interact with uf or uss.
    • Enhancement: Added a --volume-serial option to the zowe zos-files list data-set command. Use this option to filter data sets by volume serial.
    • Enhancement: Removed 'z/OS' from zos-files help upload and download commands.
    • Enhancement: Expanded help text of --data-set-type on create data set command by adding an example of creating PDSE.
    • BugFix: Updated Imperative version to fix web help issues.

    Imperative CLI Framework

    • Performance: Improved the way that HTTP response chunks are saved, reducing time complexity from O(n2) to O(n). This dramatically improves performance for larger requests.
    • BugFix: Fixed web help examples description typo.
    • BugFix: Fixed Markdown special characters not being escaped in web help for descriptions of positional options and examples.
    • BugFix: Fixed subgroups not being displayed under their own heading in web help.
    • BugFix: Added missing periods at the end of command group descriptions for consistency.

    CA MAT Analyze Plug-in for Zowe CLI

    • BugFix: Issue resolution for correct boolean datatype for zowediscoverable/zdis parameter.


    For installation instructions, see the CA Brightside 3.0 documentation and navigate to Zowe CLI > Install Zowe CLI. 

    For release notes for the CLI components, see the CA Brightside 3.0 documentation and navigate to Release Notes >  Zowe CLI Latest Updates.