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Changes Coming to the CA Mainframe Performance Management Community

  • 1.  Changes Coming to the CA Mainframe Performance Management Community

    Community Manager
    Posted Nov 15, 2017 01:45 PM

    Good afternoon! I wanted to follow up on my post from last week (Coming Soon: The NEW CA Mainframe Communities) about some changes that you'll start to see happening with the CA Mainframe Performance Management community. 


    First, we have a group of products that will be moving to the CA Mainframe Community

    • CA JARS
    • CA MICS
    • CA NetSpy
    • CA NSM Solve
    • CA SMF Director
    • CA SOLVE


    If you're interested in any of those products, I'd recommend that you follow CA Mainframe Community today to ease the transition.


    The remaining products, CA Cross-Enterprise APM, CA Dynamic Capacity Intelligence, CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence and CA SYSVIEW will be joined here by a few products from other communities -- CA 1 Tape, CA Automation Point, CA View/Deliver, CA OPS/MVS, CA Output Management, CA Spool and CA Vantage -- in a new community that will be called CA Mainframe Management & Analytics. If these are your products, you will still get information about them with your current settings. 


    You'll start seeing some changes next week, with all of the changes scheduled to be completed by early December.


    If you have any questions, please let me know.