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Free Basic Education: CA Datacom Concepts and Facilities on demand

  • 1.  Free Basic Education: CA Datacom Concepts and Facilities on demand

    Posted May 31, 2018 10:54 AM

    1) How many CA Datacom/DB and CA Datacom/AD sites have a need for free on demand education that covers CA Datacom Concepts and Facilities?

    2) How many CA Datacom/DB and CA Datacom/Ad sites also have a need for  introductory level into:

       a) CA Datacom data management

       b) CA Datacom data access using RAAT, SAAT or SQL calls from programs?

       c) CA Datadictionary online access?

       d) CA Datadictionary batch access?

       e) CA Data Query online and batch access for DQL and/or SQL modes ?

       f) CA Datacom SQL DML online and batch?   

       g) CA Datacom SQL DDL online and batch?

       h) CA Datacom CICS Service Facility?

       i) CA Ideal programming introduction?

    3) What format would you prefer this material be presented in: 

       a) one time recorded webcast

       b) PowerPoint recorded and hardcopy sessions that can be downloaded at any time that include simple labs and there results.

       c) any format that provides numbered labs where you could contact support about questions or problems with a given lab or result?


    The purpose for this question is to see how many other sites have a true need for education on some or all of these product areas but can't justify the CA Education costs or travel related expenses.


    How does your company plan on educating the next generation of technicians (DBAs, programmers, end-users, operators, sysprogs, etc.) on these products?  Mentoring, reference manuals, once a year technical conferences, CA fee based education, ... ?