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What are a good set of starting DQ User Overrides to use on DQUM0?

  • 1.  What are a good set of starting DQ User Overrides to use on DQUM0?

    Posted Sep 21, 2018 02:18 PM

    Currently when our shop sets up a new DQ user we set their Overrides as follows:
    USER NAME        : 4AT                                                        
    USER OVERRIDES TO SYSTEM DEFAULTS.                                            
    MXREQ   : 50000       SORTPAG    : 0000    ESTIMATED MAX I/O : 0000         
    MXTLR   : 55000       SORTCTG    : 00                                        
    FNDBLKS : 50000       NETPRT ID  :                                           
    PRIMARY : AE          SECONDARY  : AE                                        
    AREA FOR PERSONAL DATABASE TABLES:                          


    Is is probably different from site to site but is there any more appropriate values that customers have seen from years of DQ experience?


    When Support was asked they could not provide any because as they pointed out, each shop utilizes and constrains queries a bit different.


    1. In general, every site would probably use different values to configure their environment for Test, Development and Production usage, as the intent of using CA Dataquery (DQ) in each of these could be significantly different.


    1. As a further explanation, there is a cost - real or estimated - for using different mainframe services. Because of this, some sites use DQ as a production inquiry tool, some as a full-fledged reporting tool, and some will not allow its use in production at all. As you have seen with your users, trying to manage long-running or high-resource queries is a continual struggle, with different sites adopting different approaches - for example, some will restrict reports to certain times, and others will create a "read-only" region with a lower dispatch priority or lower WLM value to run these queries. In some cases, the "official" region might have a restricted transaction for DQ that is enabled only for a critical business need.


    1. The need to manage the cost of reporting or queries is not limited to DQ, and in order to determine the correct priority of the workload, it is necessary to understand the business process being executed. This is obviously different among tiers, and can also be different depending on the time in the business cycle. For instance, some sites do not allow DQ access at all during a monthly close window (I ran into this in my experience). This could carry over to server-based applications, and even certain online application programs that were resource-heavy.


    Consequently, there is no one-size-fits-all answer here, and when you step beyond the DQ borders, there are other optimizations or prioritization settings that can affect the MUF workload.


    In our shop, DQ is used heavily by the programmers as well as the end-users for running various canned or ad-hoc queries for reporting as well as for updating production data records.


    So I am interested in hearing how other long time DQ sites have evolved over time to come up with their current User Overrides to System defaults.

    Bill M