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Symantec ICD Platform NSL to Okta Migration Notice

  • 1.  Symantec ICD Platform NSL to Okta Migration Notice

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Apr 28, 2020 04:34 AM
    Edited by Heena Tabassum Apr 29, 2020 04:08 AM
    As part of the ongoing migration from Symantec to Broadcom systems, Symantec products that currently rely on NSL (Norton Secure Login) as their Identity Provider will be transitioning to Okta. As a result, active customer NSL accounts will be migrated to the new platform and users will be required to re-activate their account via a password reset link before authenticating to their respective product portals.

    Impacted products include CASB, CMES, CWP/CWA/SPE, DLP, ESS, ICDM, ICE, SEP (cloud, mobile, SBE, SEPM), WebPulse, WSS.

    The change impacts both:
    • Non-federated users (those that leverage the NSL services for both the front-end user experience and back-end authentication).
    • Federated users (those that have integrated a third-party IDP with the back-end NSL services).
    On Friday April 24th, impacted customers should expect to receive one of three awareness communications (sent from: informing them of this change and outlining specific calls to action to ensure a seamless transition.
    1. Non-federated user communication
    2. Federated user communication (generic admin)  
    3. Federated user communication (endpoint user)
    Copies of the communications can be found HERE.

    On Tuesday April 28th, impacted non-federated customers should expect to receive a system-generated email (sent from: informing them of their account migration which will include a password reset link they'll be required to click on to complete the activation process. For users/admins that received the Federated user communication on April 24th, detailed follow-up instructions will be sent via the Product Teams outlining steps to re-configure their IDP to work with Okta.

    New Broadcom Logins and SEP SBE Login URLs:

    On Apr 27, 2020, an email was sent from to all Symantec product customers. The email included the following link to use after activating your account. Symantec Security Cloud access portal:

    For SEP SBE and PMC customers, you should continue to use the same console URLs that you have always used.

    SEP Small Business Edition Cloud Console (PROD):

    Partner Management Console (PMC): As a reminder, SEP SBE and PMC will not switch over to using Okta until Apr 29, 2020 at 15:00 UTC.

    To subscribe to additional updates go to We apologize for any confusion that may have been caused by the email.

    If customers experience login issues after resetting their account password, please direct them to contact Customer Care, who will then engage the correct internal teams to troubleshoot/resolve their issue.
    • Contact Support LINK
    • Customer Care Webform LINK
    The following knowledge base articles have been published and are available as additional resources.

    Accessing Product Portal post Account Migration (LINK)
    Configuring External IDP for Federated Users (LINK)

    Heena Tabassum
    Customer Care Community Admin