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  • 1.  After a PERMIT statement, some kind of refresh?

    Posted Oct 26, 2018 06:53 PM

    I've written a REXX with a very specialized purpose:  After doing a WHOHAS on DATASET(hlq), this REXX reads the WHOHAS listing, does a PERMIT for the same HLQ and then issues another WHOHAS so I can be sure of the result.  One problem:  TSS claims the PERMIT is successful, but the permission doesn't show up in the subsequent WHOHAS.  I have to issue yet another WHOHAS before I can see the result.


    I supposed at first that it's a timing issue, that TSS might need a second or two to let the new permission settle in, so to speak, before it could display the results in a WHOHAS.  But I had the program wait as long as twelve seconds before issuing the subsequent WHOHAS, and it still doesn't show the new permission.


    I conclude that some sort of refresh is called for, something that happens automatically when my REXX stops executing but is held up as long as it's still running.  Sure, I can issue the command again, but the whole point of this program is for me to be lazy.  (I'm going to be doing a lot of these.)  Also this is a chance for me to understand better what's going on under the covers.  Can anyone explain what I need to do for this program to work as envisioned?

  • 2.  Re: After a PERMIT statement, some kind of refresh?

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Oct 29, 2018 08:05 AM

    Good day Bob,


    I made your question a discussion because there may be someone out there that knows the answer but we would have to test this and probably ask SE for assistance so you need to open a case (unless someone replies to this discussion which may happen because there are plenty of people that write code and work/have worked with Top Secret that know their stuff so to speak :-).  Complicated questions should be opened as discussions so the community can freely give you feedback.  If you are still not getting a answer that works for you then open a case and we'll tackle it for you.  I know you have already interacted with some of our extremely experienced clients and they are great and always willing to help. 

    Have a wonderful day!!


  • 3.  Re: After a PERMIT statement, some kind of refresh?

    Posted Oct 30, 2018 01:42 PM

    Thanks, Eileen; what you say makes sense.


    I was a little puzzled that no one responded right away; as you say, there must be other REXXers out there who've encountered this.  But today I tried a few other things to fix the problem, and my program started behaving strangely, apparently carrying out its instructions in the wrong order.  I took the hint and started thinking it through very carefully, then modified the code and laughed out loud:  There wasn't a problem, after all.


    In case anyone's curious, the program (named ODSN) works in two different ways.  First I call it:


      tso odsn hlq


    ...and it displays a WHOHAS listing for DATASET(hlq.).  I look it over and if I'm satisfied I can proceed I then call it as an Edit macro:




    In that mode ODSN reads the WHOHAS listing, gets the HLQ (so I don't have to retype it), makes sure that profile-1 has ALL access to hlq, and issues a PERMIT for profile-2.  Then it issues another WHOHAS listing, so I can confirm the results before manually revoking profile-1's access.


    As I said, the problem appeared to be that the permission wasn't showing up in the second WHOHAS; the PERMIT was successful, but I couldn't see it until the program finished and I issued another WHOHAS manually.  Appearances were deceptive, though; the real problem, apparently, is that I'm a doofus.  I was still looking at the first WHOHAS listing; the new one was still waiting in the wings, so to speak.


    So I'm glad you folks didn't have to research this :-).