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VANH0111E zIIP support error

  • 1.  VANH0111E zIIP support error

    Posted Apr 27, 2017 01:45 PM

    When the zIIP system is disabled you will see an error like this

             VANH0111E zIIP support is not enabled or working efficiently.

    This is an easy fix.

    Set the CA Vantage VKGParm ZIIPIT to (Y) and then restart CA Vantage SRM. Instead of restarting you may start ZIIP servers: F SAMS,SYST,START=ZIIPx where x=1,2,3.


    If the ZIIPIT VKGParm is already set to Y, make sure the ZIIP servers are started. Check them in the Internal Management...System Activity folder in the Object Tree. You can restart them there is they are not on.


    Note the reason they are not on. It may be intended or it may be an abend. You may see

    Started = A (Abend) and you should also see abend U3333 in the job log.

    Do an F SAMS,DUMP,AREA=SSMPCB and F SAMS,DUMP,AREA=VANAUTTB and give the job log and the MSGE sysout to CA Support for problem determination.


    Its possible zIIP processors are too busy or because z/OS Workload Manager prevented more zIIP processor exploitation for CA Vantage SRM. Do an Excel spreadsheet export of object zIIP Server Information in the CA Vantage Internal Management... System Activity folder in the Object Tree and give it to CA Support.