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Share Feedback on Broadcom STIGs

  • 1.  Share Feedback on Broadcom STIGs

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 12 days ago
    STIG articles explain how to secure your products, environment, and users. When applied to your Mainframe security product, the security standards decrease the risk of unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information.

    We are interested in hearing from you!

    Now that STIG articles have been around for a few months, we want to hear about your experience. Your feedback helps us to provide easy to follow information you need to secure your environment.

    Please take a moment to answer the following questions and email your response to

    As a reminder, a list of IDMS STIG articles can be found at STIG Articles By Findings.
    1. Were you aware that Broadcom publishes STIG articles for our mainframe solutions?
    2. Are you using the STIG articles to secure your environment?
    3. Do you find the information provided is easy to follow?
    4. Do the STIG articles add value to your team?
    5. Have you downloaded the tracker spreadsheet, located in the STIG Articles By Findings topic, which lets you track the status of STIG implementation at your site?
    6. Do the STIG articles aid in prioritizing and helping you and the team mitigate risk on the mainframe?
    7. Any additional thoughts or suggestions?
    Thank you!

    Paul Wozniczka
    Technical Writing Manager