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Tech Tip: IDMS What is and how to modify RHDCPINT (IDMS Product Intent Module)?

  • 1.  Tech Tip: IDMS What is and how to modify RHDCPINT (IDMS Product Intent Module)?

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Feb 05, 2019 11:39 AM


    What is RHDCPINT? Why and how would it be modified?
    Error message DC208005 Product not intended for use says to recreate the RHDCPINT module.
    Look PROGRAM=RHDCPINT doesn’t show much. 



    RHDCPINT is the Product Intent Module. It was introduced in CA IDMS 18.0 and contains a list of all the IDMS products installed and intended to be used in that IDMS region. During the installation all IDMS products are installed, but if you attempt to use an IDMS product not included in RHDCPINT, error message DC208005 Product not intended for use will be issued.

    An IDMSLOOK of this module will not show much information but DCPROFIL will reflect what is in RHDCPINT. For example: 

                                 * Product Intent Status *                         CA IDMS Core Products                     CA IDMS Tools Products               ---------------------                     ----------------------               CA ADS                             YES    CA ADS Alive                       NO CA ADS Batch                       NO     CA ADS Trace                       NO CA ADS APPC                        NO     CA IDMS/DB Analyzer                NO

    To modify RHDCPINT, follow the instructions in DocOps section Create a Product Intent Module

    The easiest way to create a product intent module is to begin with the sample RHDCPINT source module installed with CA IDMS. After creating the product intent module, you need to assemble and link the module into to your custom 
    load library. 

    1. Access the sample RHDCPINT module.
    2. Uncomment the lines for the products you intend to use. 
    3. Save it to your custom source library. 
    4. Execute the z/OS Assemble and Link-edit JCL

    Substitute the name of your source member and insert the following binder statements: 



    Additional Information:

    DocOps sections Product Intent ModuleCreate a Product Intent ModuleDisplay Product Intent and Change the Product Intent