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  • 1.  Tech Tip: CA IDMS CV Batch Job Accessing Database Error-Status 0069

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Dec 12, 2017 10:23 AM


    Batch Job Abends with the following messages in JES output. 

    IDMS DC410003 DNS SEND/RECEIVE Failure Status is : 0069 
    IDMS DC410006 DNS Processing error, Function is RECEIVE_AND_WAIT, Status is XMIT 
    IDMS DTS: Abend on path's subsequent downstream node 
    IDMS DTS: Logical connections to node disabled 
    IDMS DTS: Physical connection to node disabled 


      The batch job has started a database transaction in the IDMS CV and the Task running in the CV has been abended for a reason other than a database related error.

    Any errors related to accessing the database will be returned to the issuing program as an error-status, but if that error-status is 0069 it means the Task running in CV on behalf of the batch program was abended for a non-database reason and the connection to the CV has been severed.

    The reason for the disconnection will be described in the IDMS CV LOG. 

    It could be caused by a number of different situations.

    Most commonly the Task running in CV was abended for one of the following:


    1.  STALL abend.  The Task waited for a CV resource (storage, database resource, etc) longer than the STALL INTERVAL (INACTIVE INTERVAL parameter in SYSTEM      or TASK definition in the Sysgen).

           This produces a series of messages ending with DC001003.

           DC001003 Vnn Tnnnnnn TASK:taskcode PROG:pgmname STALLED WAITING FOR resource ID


    1.   Exceeding LIMITS abend.  If the DBA has defined LIMITS enforcement on key system resources a task can be abended for exceeding the specified Limit for the         specified resource type.

            This produces message DC244002 or DC244003.


            DC244002 Vnn Tnnnnnn TASK:taskcode; LOCK RESOURCE LIMIT EXCEEDED


    1. A system program servicing a call from the batch program has abended with a program check abend.

           This would produce message DC027002.


     DC027002 Vnn Tnnnnnn SYSTEM MODULE PROGRAM CHECKED NEAR modulename AT OFFSET nnnn 



     The DBA needs to look at messages on the IDMS LOG from the time period when the batch job got the 0069 error-status.

     This can be done via online Task OLP or by running the PRINT LOG utility for the relevant time period.

     The resolution will be different depending on the abend of the batch Task. 


    Additional Information:

    CA IDMS Messages - Home - CA IDMS Messages - CA Technologies Documentation 

  • 2.  Re: Tech Tip: CA IDMS CV Batch Job Accessing Database Error-Status 0069

    Posted Dec 14, 2017 05:21 PM

    Another possible cause of this type or problem is an overlay of the subschema control bloc in the application program.  I have seen this situation when a program overflows a table in working storage and overwrites subschema control.

  • 3.  Re: Tech Tip: CA IDMS CV Batch Job Accessing Database Error-Status 0069

    Posted Dec 28, 2017 07:25 AM

    Hi Jennifer,

    Just my understanding, please correct me, I was facing this same IDMS Error status 0069 problem.


    There are two different cases which is in test and production environment.


    1. In IDMS CV was offline - The web team was trying to retrieve the IDMS DB through the front end of their Java application - Then it shows the IDMS error status 0069 was displayed.

    Then, I have provided the solution to web team once CV came online ask to access the DB. It was worked fine able to access the DB.

    2. In batch program runs in TESTCV it was abended with IDMS error status 0069 or 0077.


    I used the DCMT command to fix the IDMS error status 0069.


    DCMT Vary EXT LIMIT Disa

    - asked dev. team to restart their job completed successfully.




    Sushil Joseph