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Tech Tip: DB005521 identifying strange entity resource name

  • 1.  Tech Tip: DB005521 identifying strange entity resource name

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Oct 25, 2016 12:17 PM


    When trying to access a table or view or any other DB type entity, the following abend message is seen:

    *+ DB005521 T7587 C-4M321: Missing authorization for *DYNAM*.

    What does this mean and in particular what is the meaning of the message component *DYNAM* in this case?


    When RESTYPE=DB is secured externally (SECBY=EXT), it is essential to also have TYPE=ENTRY entries in the RHDCSRTT assembly for the various DB sub-types. These sub-types are AREA, NRU, QSCH, NSCH, TABL, DACC and SACC.

    These entries must be there so that the central security system knows how to construct the external resource name for resources of each sub-type.

    The appearance of *DYNAM* in the DB005521 message (or any other value which does not obviously identify something in your environment) is an indication that no TYPE=ENTRY entry for the relevant resource type has been included in your RHDCSRTT assembly.


    Make sure that all of the DB sub-types are included in the RHDCSRTT assembly.

    The DB005521 may still occur but it will identify the entity for which the user does not have the appropriate authority.

    Additional Information:

    For further information, see the manual “Security Administration” chapter 9 "Securing Database Resources", "Securing Common Database Resources", particularly the paragraph under "External Security for Databases”.