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  • 1.  CA7 cancel command

    Posted Jan 15, 2019 02:22 PM

    In CA7 v11.3, when multiple instances of the same job need to be cancelled from the queue, can they be cancelled all at once with the same reason?  Does a command currently exist or would this be an enhancement?

  • 2.  Re: CA7 cancel command

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jan 17, 2019 05:04 PM

    If multiple jobs exist in queue and you issue a cancel command with a specified jobname, CA 7 will not allow you to cancel the jobs. You will get a message stating duplicate job names. You will have to specify a job number to cancel the job and this will be only 1 iteration of the job. Now, you can go the XQ (queue maintenance) panel and put a "C" next to each job and cancel them that way.

  • 3.  Re: CA7 cancel command

    Posted Jan 17, 2019 05:56 PM

    I am familiar with canceling using the XQ and putting a “C” but then you have to copy/paste the same reason into each instance of the job.  This is time consuming if there are many jobs.  Is there a quicker way to apply the same reason to all of them?  Or a command to clear all jobs of the same name for the same issue?

  • 4.  Re: CA7 cancel command

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jan 18, 2019 08:38 AM



    The  CA 7 Web Client will allow you to cancel multiple jobs, including jobs with the same name and you would only have to specify the reason only once. When you cancel the jobs via the Web Client, it will build individual cancel commands for each job by job number and include the reason you specified. 

  • 5.  Re: CA7 cancel command

    Posted Jan 18, 2019 03:37 PM

    Thanks.  I'll check it out.