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iDash: Experiencing "SLA Still Processing" Errors?

  • 1.  iDash: Experiencing "SLA Still Processing" Errors?

    Posted Jul 07, 2017 09:57 AM

    We are a windows based shop (SQL Server, AlwaysOn) using iDash and found that our server has gone a day or two processing normally and then will show SLA Still Processing errors as documented below.  It's like the system get's stuck and can't move on to its next task.  I originally opened a ticket and there was a possible link to an old log file/sla, however that did not totally eliminate the number of instances of this problem.


    Reviewing the logs, I have found an interesting item regarding GC (garbage collector, I am assuming).  It shows exceeded and that is when the SLA's start to show the error.  


    Has any user experienced this type of error and if so what was done to analyze or remediate?



    Chris Kent

    Dart Container Corp.