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CA Workload Automation iDash Release is Now Available

  • 1.  CA Workload Automation iDash Release is Now Available

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Sep 19, 2017 01:37 PM

    The Storm team went GA with the release of CA Workload Automation iDash on September 19, 2017, adding useful new features to the product and providing fixes for a number of issues present in previous versions of the product. 

    New product features available in include:

    • Support for new AutoSys job types: The release of iDash includes support for the new CA Workload Automation AE 11.3.6 SP6 job types Informatica and SQL Server Agent. 
    • Forecasting for externally demanded CA 7 jobs: This release includes history-based forecasting for CA 7 jobs that are externally demanded and affect other jobs. iDash will make predictions for these jobs based on their historical runs, employing the same logic that is currently used to predict runs for jobs that are triggered by dataset triggers only. 
    • Defining cross-instance job links for AutoSys jobs: With this new feature, administrators are able to select any two AutoSys jobs, regardless of the instance in which they were defined, when creating a job link. 
    • AutoSys Job Run reports with trend statistics: This release features an option to include trend statistics when generating AutoSys Job Run reports. With this option selected, AutoSys Job Run reports will feature a table summarizing run count, aggregate average runtime, aggregate trend, and aggregate trend percentage, as well as a chart and job run table for each job included in the report. 

    Visit CA Workload Automation iDash - 12.0 on DocOps to view the latest documentation updates, and see the iDash release notes for a full list and descriptions of new features and fixed issues.