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  • 1.  CA7 scheduling question.

    Posted Mar 21, 2017 03:21 PM

    I have received the following request.   

    After the completion of P1CEM010, we have to wait until P1CED010 completes the next day , Once P1CED010 runs next day , we can run P1HIM922 but if P1CED010 runs after P1CEM010 on same day , this job P1HIM922 can run.


    The reason for this change is that P1CED010 creates the cenlar merged file and It use the file created by P1CEM010 to create the merged file. Since P1CED010 runs before P1CEM010, the cenlar merged file created on same day doesn’t have the updated monthly data . When P1CEM010 runs next day , It will create the updated merged file . This merged file is the input to the job P1HIM922, So we want P1HIM922 to utilize the updated merged file.



    The way I'm thinking about setting this up is that P1CED010 has to have finished in the last hour before P1HIM922 runs.   P1CEM010 triggers it in so it will be sitting in the queue.    To my mind this isn't the most efficient way and could even cause problems in some cases, but I'm not thinking of anything else.   


    some things you should know.   P1CED010 usually runs every day unless the provider doesn't send us a file.  P1CEM010 runs after eom BUT the data for it can come in from the 2nd to the 9th and accounting wants us to process it  as soon as it comes in so we have no idea on exactly what date it will run to make P1HIM922 run on the next day after the daily process of P1CED010. 





  • 2.  Re: CA7 scheduling question.
    Best Answer

    Posted Mar 23, 2017 08:45 AM

    Perhaps you can use an external data set trigger for job P1CED010 when the file is created on your system...and within the P1CED010 job you can have a trailer step (or U7SVC) to DEMAND job P1HIM922 with a DATE=+01 and TIME=hhmm with hhmm being a submit time requirement on the job for the next day...