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Tuesday Tip:  CA 7 and re-egineering your workload

  • 1.  Tuesday Tip:  CA 7 and re-egineering your workload

    Posted Oct 14, 2014 10:28 AM

    Happy Tuesday to all!


    Let’s use this Tuesday’s Tip to start a discussion…


    Have you ever been tasked with accomplishing something and you have no idea how or where to start the process?  It happens all the time to me and I’m sure you have had your experiences!  As a matter of fact I can think of so many times this has happened, but for this ‘discussion’ in this ‘forum’ let’s keep this to defining/changing the way your workload runs.


    I worked with a client recently who had to ‘take apart and rebuild’ the way a major application was scheduled to run.  This client was fairly new to CA 7 and the site had lost most of their CA 7 technical staff due to attrition.  So the client faced the task with only a limited knowledge of how the application was set to run.  The ‘taking apart’ was probably more problematic that the ‘rebuild’—it’s easier to begin at the beginning than it is to re-engineer a process usually.  Working with the client closely, we came up with some ways to handle this which included LJOB commands, FJOB commands, LCTLG commands and a quick immersion into Workload Planning (WLP) [and, of course, a WHOLE lot more].


    I would like for this discussion to begin—let’s help each other with some of the innovative ways we have solved the complex scheduling/running/updating workloads. Have you been able to use the information in CA 7 to determine the current process and how changing the process would affect other production processing? Have you ever had to ‘tear apart’ and ‘start over’?  Please join this discussion and give us your experiences with how you have accomplished this herculean task—or if you are just starting the process or need guidance, use this discussion to reach out to your peers.


    Until next time—Bye,Y’all