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  • 1.  VM:Secure Allocation Exit

    Posted Jul 08, 2016 02:26 PM

      We would like to have VM;Secure support an allocation exit that would be called whenever a mini-disk is being allocated, either a new mini-disk or an existing mini-disk that is being moved to a new location. The exit should be called whenever a mini-disk allocation occurs, either via the VM:Secure manage panels or via any VM;Secure line command that involves mdisk allocation.

      We would use such an exit to enforce standards as to the placement of the allocated mdisk so it would not be allocated where it does not belong, which happens now since there is no allocation exit to ensure that this does not occur.

      The exit should be passed the following information: the userid for which the allocation is occurring, the mdisk  address, and the destination dasd pool. If possible, also pass the source dasd pool. In the exit we would either accept the request (RC 0), reject the request (RC 4), or modify the request by stacking a new pool name (RC 8) so that the mdisk allocation will occur in the dasd pool stacked by the exit and not in the specified dasd pool indicated by the individual doing the allocation.

      Such an exit would allow us to ensure that new mdisk allocations are placed where they should be and not in locations where they do not belong. Since we are currently involved in a dasd migration project, we've run into many mdisk allocations in locations where they should not be and are "cleaning up" during this project. But going forward we'd like to have an allocation exit available to prevent such misallocations in the future. Thanks. 


    Mark Amezquita

    Wells Fargo Bank  

  • 2.  Re: VM:Secure Allocation Exit

    Community Manager
    Posted Jul 08, 2016 02:48 PM

    This has been moved to the ideas section of the community. You can vote or comment on it here: An Allocation User Exit