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CA View and CA Deliver Release 14.0 INC00 are GA!

  • 1.  CA View and CA Deliver Release 14.0 INC00 are GA!

    Posted Dec 06, 2016 10:06 AM

    CA View and CA Deliver Release 14.0 Increment 0 (INC00) are GA! Release 14.0 is incremental (like 12.2, the previous release). INC00 is the first of multiple increments for Release 14.0. Highlights include the following new features, enhancements, and updates. For details, see the CA View 14.0 documentation and CA Deliver 14.0 documentation, starting with their Release Notes.

    • Easier Installation of CA View, CA Deliver, CA OM Web Viewer, and CA DRAS
      This release streamlines the installation of CA View, CA Deliver, CA OM Web Viewer, and CA DRAS by including these products in a single pax file. When you run the CA View installation program, you can install each product or any combination of them, with fewer steps and in less time than in previous releases.
    • CA View Installation Now Provides Stand-Alone CA Spool Java Transformers
      CA View provides new stand-alone Java transformers that run with CA View to enable AFP-to-PDF transformations in CA OM Web Viewer without requiring the CA Spool base product. You install the stand-alone Java transformers from their own PAX file or using CA CSM. This installation is separate from the CA View installation.
    • Streamlined Support for CICS
      CA View and CA Deliver streamline CICS support by reducing the number of CICS program definitions and through the use of static CICS program names. In previous releases, as many as 16 CICS program definitions and 4 CICS transaction definitions were required to access the CA View or CA Deliver online facility from CICS. Each of these program definitions uses a release-specific naming convention that requires changes with each new release of the product. With release 14.0, the number of CICS program definitions has been reduced to 4. Unique program names have been provided to eliminate CICS definition changes.
    • Backup Tasks No Longer Needs Multiple DDs to Separate Listings
      CA View is enhanced to eliminate the need for multiple SARBLKST, SARDRLST, and SARD2LST DDs to separate the backup listings for each backup cycle that runs during the execution of the SARSTC started task. Before this enhancement, the DDs were required to be duplicated in the JCL. 

    You can install CA View and CA Deliver by using either CA Chorus Software Manager (CA CSM) or the PAX files. See the Download Center on CA Support Online for the files that you need. For instructions to perform each type of installation, see the CA View documentation mentioned earlier, especially the installation instructions.