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  • 1.  ESP v12 system agents and bundled java JRE?

    Posted Mar 04, 2022 02:19 PM
    Hello Forum,  we have a number of  R11.4 SP1 CA Workload Automation System agents that we use only on  linux, windows, and solaris boxes.
    I've hesitated moving up to R12 due to the caveats about 'no longer bundling the JRE' after v11.4.
    For those who have installed the R12 system agents, can you confirm that for us it would ONLY be solaris that we'd have to point to the box's jre, but
    for linux and for wintel R12 agents,  we can indeed still use a bundled java JRE that would come with the agent's installation setup.bin?

    Thanks for any clarification.  Since we are going primarily linux and wintel in the future I just want to make sure there are no JRE gotchas waiting for me.

    Mike B

  • 2.  RE: ESP v12 system agents and bundled java JRE?
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    Posted Mar 05, 2022 11:00 PM
    never mind...I think I found the definitive statements in the install doc.   linux x86 should indeed have a bundled jre as well as wintel