TPX Session Management for z/OS

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How to manage the number of TPX-Sessions for users

  • 1.  How to manage the number of TPX-Sessions for users

    Posted Mar 09, 2018 03:37 AM

    Naturally the purpose of TPX is to allow users a number of sessions to different applications at a time. But you can also limit the number of session in two ways:

    1. In the fifth panel of the SMRT titled "System Features" you can choose the value of parameter "ACCESS". If this is set to 'SINGLE' or 'PASS' each user can have only one session at a time.
    2. In case that parameter "ACCESS" is set to 'MULTIPLE' you still can influence the number of parallel sessions a user can have. This is done in parameter "Maximum Sessions" in the first panel of SMRT titled "Performance Parameters". This value restricts the number of Sessions TPX can have active. This is by default set to '00000' which means that no limit is in place. If necessary you can restrict the number of sessions to a specific number. These settings are valid for the complete TPX-region.