TPX Session Management for z/OS

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Tech Tip: Print content of SMRT into TPXLOG

  • 1.  Tech Tip: Print content of SMRT into TPXLOG

    Posted Oct 17, 2016 07:54 AM

    The Systems Option Table (SMRT) is the most important table in TPX. IT contains in 13 panels a lot of parameters. There are tools which help to 'print' the SMRT into the TPX-Log, manually and automatically:


    1. When you want to 'print' screen prints of all SMRT panels into the TPXLOG then you can use the delivered ACL named SMRTPRT to perform this task. This ACL is started from the command line of TPXADMINusing command:

    <cmdchar>S SMRTPRT<cmdkey>


    2. When you apply PTF's RO86230 and RO86231 you will find the SMRT written as storage dump into the TPX-Log. This dump is prefixed with new message


      TPXL0250:  Session Manager Reference Table nnnnnnnn  (where nnnnnnnn is the name of the active SMRT table).


    When changing anything in the SMRT and saving that change the same storage dump with the changed values will be written into the Log again.