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Tech Tip: What to do if TPXMAIL is not accessible?

  • 1.  Tech Tip: What to do if TPXMAIL is not accessible?

    Posted Jul 30, 2015 09:56 AM

    What can you do if TPX users complain about TPXMAIL not being accessible, for example, the first three options are not available for selection.


    1. Check if the Option TPXMAIL is licensed. Message 'TPX9925 OPTION MAILBOX OF UNICENTER CA-TPX IS AUTHORIZED' should appear in the log during startup of TPX.

    2. Likely this is a problem with the TPXMAIL VSAM file. Please check TPXLog for any messages concerning the MAIL file, for example:

        TPXL0422 mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss MAIL file open error. Message/List storage/retrieval impossible, ACBERFLG=xx


    In this case, try the following:

    a) Stop TPX


    b) Run TPXBATCH 'reset integrity' Job against the MAIL file


    If this does not help, then use a backup of that file or repair the MAIL file using the following instructions: 

       i) Stop the TPX-Regions which access this file


      ii) Backup the MAIL file with REPRO


    iii) Delete/define MAIL file


    iv) Restore the file with REPRO

    With the 'new' MAIL file, TPX will run again with full access to the menu of TPXMAIL.