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Tech Tip: Avoid problems with list of users in TPXADMIN

  • 1.  Tech Tip: Avoid problems with list of users in TPXADMIN

    Posted Jul 31, 2015 03:34 AM

    When you do User maintenance you select Option '1 - TPX User/Group Maintenance' and then '3 - User Maintenance' in TPXADMIN and you are here in panel TEN0196


    There are two input fields in that panel:
    - Enter Userid to administer or '*' for list ===>
    - Record Count Limit ===>


    Now if you want to see a list of users you enter an asterisk '*' and ... hopefully do not severely degrade the TPX region! In a large shop that user list can be some thousand entries long and TPX needs CPU and storage to fulfil the request.


    To avoid problems here TPX has a protection: See the value 25 in "Record Count limit"? That limits every request to 25 entries!


    What if you want to see more? Simply enter a higher value in that field!

    What if you enter a number higher than 500? You get error message "MENA8047 Invalid Record Count Limit value"

    How to circumvent that? You REALLY want to see more than 500 in a list? Hmmm... OK, here is the solution: Go to 8th panel of SMRT and enter higher value in Field 'TEN0196 Record Count Limit'. That change requires a restart of TPX to get active. Still want that? :-)


    What if you want to see not the first 25 users in the alphabetical list? Use a prefix together with the asterisk: 'C*' displays the users beginning with 'C', but not restricted to that prefix. If there are only 5 starting with 'C', TPX displays the next in the alphabetical list up to the Record Count Limit.


    And what about the question mark? You can use that as well and TPX will display the complete list of users. But you can switch that function off by setting Reserved Option 49 to 'Y'. How this is done is explained in detail in our Technical Document TEC509890 titled "How to disable the '?' command in the User Maintenance panel field in TPX?"