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Tuesday Tipp: How to copy a SMRT in TPX

  • 1.  Tuesday Tipp: How to copy a SMRT in TPX

    Posted Dec 11, 2014 03:43 AM

    Sometimes you need to make changes in the SMRT for TPX, for example changes in the Slot allocation. To have a backup of the original SMRT in the unlikely case that the changes prevent TPX from starting properly follow these steps:


    a) Go to TPXADMIN and select '2 - TPX System Options', then '1 - System Options'

    b) In the "TPX System Options Table List" type  S name_of_new_SMRT and hit enter

    c) The "TPX System Options Table Option Menu" for the new SMRT is shown.

        Here type in  COPY name_of_old_SMRT

        (You need to use COPY as C does not work)

    d) Hit PF3 to save the copied SMRT.


    Now you have a copy of the original SMRT and can use one of both to perform desired changes. To start TPX with the copied SMRT you need to specify that SMRT in the Startjob in parameter SMRT=...