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CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence Release 2.0 Service Update 06 Now Generally Available

  • 1.  CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence Release 2.0 Service Update 06 Now Generally Available

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jul 29, 2020 03:43 PM

    To:       CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence Customers

    From:   The CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence Product Group

    Date:     July 2020

    Subject: CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence Release 2.0 Service Update 06 Now Generally Available


    Dear Valued Customer:

    CA Technologies, a Broadcom Company, is pleased to present you with a Service Update for CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence, an integral component of the family of solutions we provide for z/OS. This Service Update delivers additional capabilities including all maintenance updates through June 2020. The Appliance Images are at the Release 2.0.06 level.

    Product Capabilities

    CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence provides predictive monitoring and alerting capabilities, leveraging a set of data collectors and machine learning algorithms, to determine when your systems or applications are behaving abnormally and to alert you when they start to trend toward a potential incident. The early alerting provides additional time to remediate, either manually or via automation, before the trend impacts performance or availability.


    New Features Included In This Update

    Anomaly Detection Refinements

    This release continues to refine our anomaly detection capabilities. New customization options to reduce false positives and alert noise, configurable sensitivity parameters, and anomaly scoring will enable customers to adjust anomaly detection to their particular environment's needs and reduce non-meaningful alerts.


    Alarm Management Enhancement

    Because customer environments and tolerance levels are never the same, CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence can now generate alerts based on customer-defined rules. In this release, Alarm Management has been enhanced with the introduction of a Rules Engine and advanced machine learning parameters. By setting up rules and adjusting the machine learning parameters, you can better determine what you want to be alerted about and when. The Rules Builder user interface offers a straightforward means to define rules that allow you to see only the alerts that matter to you, while eliminating false positives and noise.


    Custom User Views in the Alerts Console

    This release enables you to define custom views in the Alerts Console and the Alerts Analysis pages. Now you can customize your view of alerts by selecting the combination of subsystems and categories you want to see. You can even filter alerts based on their anomaly score. You can then save this custom view and make it your default view.


    Bulk Data Loading

    To accelerate time to value, after installation, customers can preload their historical SMF data, thereby reducing Machine Learning and model generation time and quickly proving the value of CA Mainframe Operational intelligence. A new SMF data collection mechanism and bulk loading facility added in this release support this accelerated proof-of-concept and ramp-up time.


    New SMF Record Support

    CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence continues to expand and support new SMF record types. In this release, the SMF adapter brings key metrics for the address space for the SMF 30 record type.  You can filter and enable only your most critical address spaces and business applications jobs using the Appliance Controller.


    Core Machine Learning Services Update

    Release 2.0.06 also provides updates to Machine Learning Services offered with the following products:

    • CA SYSVIEW Performance Management
    • CA NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP

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    Thank You
    We are dedicated to ensuring that your use of CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence is successful, and we thank you for your continued support of CA Technologies, a Broadcom Company. If you have questions regarding this software solution, contact your local technical support group or